Thursday, June 9, 2011

Getting Through the Day Without Crying

Well, I have to admit I haven't been doing a good job of this one lately.  The worst is when I'm on the subway with my daughter.  I hate for strangers to see me cry, but out the tears come.  Some of the things I have tried to stop myself are:
  1. pinch myself 
  2. think about my daughter and how my crying will affect her (will she worry about me, will she think this is the only way to deal with emotions)
  3. read a book or an article
  4. think of a cute guy
  5. think of a joke I've seen on tv
Sometimes I go to a park near my job in the middle of the day and find a bench and just let it go. Its a pretty little park with a playground for kids and a basketball court, but very few people tend to go there and just sit. Looking at the trees and sitting in the sunshine alone remind me of how beautiful life is. 

I think crying is a good thing once in a while, but when it becomes an every day uncontrollable thing, then its a problem.  I have a problem and I am doing things to deal with it, but crying also keeps me in touch with feelings I need to experience in order to clear away thoughts that are not healthy and to move on. 

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