Friday, May 18, 2012


One night we danced
     we danced this night
     the night was ours.
You were drunk and I was pissed
     still your eyes were fierce
     crying over your past.

El Amor Dominicano es sentimental

We danced that night you don't
     remember your smile so warm
     mischievous your eyes twinkled.
I tried to dance, I wished I could I love to
     dance in an imaginary life I am
     Rita Moreno doing the Mambo
     on that wooden gym floor.

Amor Dominicano moves to a different realism

He thinks I'm unsophisticated
or not pretty enough
or too freaky fat
or not woman enough
Psst, I worry he thinks I'm not
Dominicana enough.

Like Fred Astaire you moved
     as confident, soothing me
     "That's all you have to do!"
     wearing Timberland boots, an
     earring the cocaine in your pockets
     frightening me all night.
What I fear I seek the most
Amor Dominicano, we shall dance again.



  1. Came across your blog when I searched "professional latina bloggers". I loved it. Wish you could update more often!!

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