Saturday, February 27, 2016


to watch her sleep is
         nirvana heaven profound

protruding lip pillowy soft and
round with finger in her mouth
old burp cloth hanging from
clutching fingers unwilling to
let go even at 10 years

peace, this is beauty, love

hair not quite black, not so brown
just hers scrunchably soft
stiffly curly that can do
things I cannot do to mine
commonly in that bun-do she updoes
most days defying interference from
a mother’s comb

did I say how I love the voice God gave to her?
         sotto voce is not for us

it changes with her mood ascending or
descending scales for anger giddiness joy
or despair the sound of confidence that it
drops her voice does drop demanding commanding
stop! I am speaking

to watch her sleep is
         nirvana heaven profound
to watch her live is life

Zeneida Disla

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