Monday, July 13, 2015


I'm not surprised that many people are defending comedian Bill Cosby against allegations of rape.  He is an icon; wealthy, famous and has been a role model for Black middle-class aspirants for decades. Even before he himself began to chastise poor and working class Black folk for such immoralities as having children out of wedlock, low educational attainment and perceived laziness as evidenced by under and unemployment, he was a symbol of what the Black Man was capable of attaining through education, clean living and focusing on family.  So, it must be a bitter pill for many people who have seen so many Black heroes fall to real or imagined conspiracies orchestrated by our government or the media - think O.J., Michael Jackson, Charles Rangel, Martin Luther King, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan.  No one knows what really happened between Cosby and all of his accusers except themselves, but, it is not so difficult for me to believe that a man with that kind of power and prestige can get away with almost anything. 

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